Fruit & Nut Turkey Salad

1 Tbsp butter or margarine 
½ cup walnuts coarsely broken, or blanched whole almonds 
4 large pears 
Lemon juice 
¾ cup Cains® Light Mayonnaise 
¼ cup milk 
¼ tsp salt 
4 cups bite-sized pieces cooked turkey 
3 celery stalks, thinly sliced 
lettuce leaves
Place butter or margarine in 1-quart sauce pan over medium heat; cook walnuts 5 minutes. With slotted spoon, remove walnuts to plate; set aside. Cut 2 pears into ½ inch chunks; cut remaining pears lengthwise into thin slices. Dip pear slices into lemon juice to prevent browning; set aside. In large bowl, mix mayonnaise, milk and salt. Add walnuts, pear chunks, turkey and celery; toss to mix well. To serve, line platter with lettuce leaves; spoon salad onto lettuce; arrange pear slices around salad. 
Servings: 6 Prep Time: 30 min

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